Sunday, 20 December 2009

Decorating the tree

I've just been learning a bit about Christmas trees, Butterflywings doesn't have a real one as Harrie would only try and climb it but she does have quite a nice 'pretend' one. I thought I'd see what tree climbing was like...phew made half way up anyway, this is hard work, don't know how Harrie does it, I've seen her out in the garden when she thinks no-one is looking.

What's that? If I stay here I have to be the fairy? I'd better get down quickly then. I've been reading about sidhe which is what Irish fairies are called and I'm not sure they'd want to sit on top of a Christmas tree. If they wouldn't do it I'm sure a Shaman wouldn't want to either.

I found these in a box. I think they go on the tree or something, don't tell me I'll have to climb all the way up again.
Oooh look, more stuff. Don't you think they suit me? These crackers are just Sham size and they sound great when you rattle them I think there is something inside them. All I need now is someone to pull them with me.

Great here's Harrie, maybe she'll help me pull the crackers.

Oops it wasn't me, it was her. It really was all nice and tidy until Harrie arrived. I hope I don't have to clear it all up.

Well that's the tree finished. Harrie and I are quite pleased with it really, it's not bad for our first attempt.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Making Christmas Cake

I've been really busy the last few days, I've learnt to make a Christmas cake. I didn't know what one was, this is my first Christmas after all, but Butterflywings told me its a special cake that you only have at Christmas, whatever that is, I expect I'll find out soon.

First I helped mix all the ingredients together. We put in stuff that looked like ants and flies but I was told they were currants and raisins. I hope they taste as good as ants and flies.

The cake went into an oven to be cooked which is strange, I don't cook my food. This is what it looked like when it came out again. It smelt ok I suppose but not as good as snails.

We took the cake out of the tin and I got a good look at it. I wanted to taste it but I was told I had to wait. I'm not sure what I have to wait for though.

Today Butterflywings cut some off the cake to make it flat. I got to eat it. It's quite good really. I'll have to be careful I don't end up as fat as Snowball a hedgehog in England who kept eating dog food. I've tried Harrie's but she has biscuits and they're quite hard so the Christmas cake is better.

This was great, I got to make myself some worms from something called marzipan. Don't suppose they're as good as real ones but I'm going to eat them now and find out.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Today was brilliant, I found lots of shiny things in The Haven that June has in the Indie Shaman shop. I didn't ask June if I could play with hers because she said they were for sale, but I did manage to get hold of Butterflywings ones and boy do they make a lot of noise, sorry I mean beautiful sounds :)

Really I saw these the other day when I was using the labyrinth but I didn't get chance to play them then, I think they are called desk chimes. I've been waiting for a chance to climb back onto the desk and have a go and today I made it. It's easy really, all you have to do is touch them and they play themselves. I don't know why humans make so much fuss about playing instruments.

As I was having so much fun, Butterflywings got the Aura Chimes down from the window sill as she thought I'd fall off if I tried to climb up to them. I like these as when I hit them with the stick, I think it's called a beater, I got shivers all through me. It felt really nice. I think I'd like to keep these. I hope my suitcase is big enough. Maybe if I ask real nice I could have a new suitcase. I think there are lots of things I'd like to keep and I still need space for my food........
I think these are called singing bowls. One of them was a bit big for me but it made a nice deep sound, like the Earth humming. Butterflywings says she got this one from the Indie Shaman shop. I think it's a good size for humans but not for hedgehogs. The little one was perfect for me and I managed to hold onto it even when I ran the beater round the outside. I think I played too much and the sound got too high or something as Harrie the cat ran away and even the spider hid. I asked Butterflywings about it and she told me it's the singing bowl she uses for healing and that the sound changes when you play it, sometimes it's very high but sometimes its low. If I hold onto this I can keep practicing, maybe I'll try while the others are asleep.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Exploring the Haven

Ireland is nice but it's very wet and it keeps raining. Butterflywings says that the garden is too soggy for me to go in as I forgot to bring my wellies, so she's letting me explore The Haven instead.

I like The Haven as it's where Butterflywings works and its full of brilliant stuff. She doesn't have anything to eat in there except for a spider I found but I don't like the taste of them much. I have found loads of books though. My favourite shelf is one with lots of books on Shamanism and I even found Jim PathFinder Ewing's book. Jim is going to be in the next Indie Shaman Magazine and I've held one of his books, maybe I can pretend I read it too. I really was thinking about it but then I saw...

...the labyrinth. Butterflywings says she has a really big one in the garden and we can go there when it's dry. She let me sit on her desk so I could work with this one though and my paws are just the right size.

When she wasn't looking I climbed into the willow and sat inside with all her pendulums.

This is my favourite one. Its a blue tourmaline and Butterflywings says it's a Shaman's stone so I think I'm going to see if she will let me keep it, after all I am Shaman Sham.

After all the exploring I was tired so I had to have a lie down on the treatment table. I must say it is really snuggly here so I think I'll just have a bit of a snooze.